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Sasha Mirzoyan

“We all have self-doubt. You don’t deny it but you also don’t capitulate to it. You embrace it.” ~Kobe Bryant

Have you ever played a real sport?
If you have you probably know that unless you maintain a regular practice and continuously condition and train specific aspects of that sport, the level of your performance will quickly decline. The opposite happens when we can keep those skills optimized. The states of flow and deep work–known in the Taoist philosophy as Wu Wei, the concept of “effortless action”–become more easily accessible.

I used to play a little volleyball in high school back in Russia, but I submit, you wouldn’t want to bet your money on me today. There’s real empirical evidence…

One hundred percent. Sometimes we just have to do the work. It's the willing to do a little suffering that allows us to enjoy the real passion.

Great article! Would love to be added as a writed. I have written for several other publications and you can check out my previous pieces on my page. Super excited to have a few new ones published with you guys.

and What to Do About It.

Recently I experienced a subtle mental shift which set in motion a positive ripple effect, but it didn’t happen overnight.

Just a few years ago a lot of my energy was regularly diverted towards casual scrolling through social media and it left me feeling drained and uninspired. Not to mention the time I used to waste. After thoroughly “researching” social media accounts and work done by other prominent “more established” figures, I’d go down the rabbit hole of endless “strategizing” of my own online presence.

The thought that we could even begin to grasp–let alone control–the sheer myriad of possible…

or the Problematic Ways We Assign Value to Creative Work

One of my life sketches.

I often draw people in public places because: a) I enjoy it, b) doing life studies helps you become a better craftsman, and c) it’s part of the Unnecessary Creating practice. I commonly encounter folks asking me what I am going to do with my rough sketches, but what they’re really saying is: “if those creations aren’t somehow monetized, what’s the point of doing it?”

Often what is communicated by this seemingly innocent question is a certain assumption prevalent in our society that if an artwork (or anything/anyone these days) isn’t sold for decent money, it’s not worth anything. …

Resistance–we hear about it everywhere. It permeates our society, continuously topping the charts for Favorite Subject of Discussion among personal growth enthusiasts, and unsurprisingly so. Resistance can be hard to recognize. It takes on so many faces, we often struggle to distinguish it from our personality, our identity, or simply put, from being who we are.

I love this description of Resistance by Steven Pressfield, who’s known for his wildly popular and some of my personal favorite books, The War of Art and Do The Work:

“Resistance is an impartial force of nature, like gravity and the laws of thermodynamics…

Sasha Mirzoyan

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